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Indian Springs School | Dining Hall

Indian Springs School | Dining Hall


Business Interiors is proud to have provided the furniture solutions for Indian Springs School’s Kayser Samford Community Commons.


Located just outside of Birmingham, Alabama, Indian Springs School is an independent school recognized nationally as a leader in boarding and day education for grades 8–12. Their new Community Commons, which officially opened in December 2022, is more than just a dining hall. The goal was to provide students with a setting where they could organically socialize, whether for dining, attending school events, or using the space between meals for a variety of activities. An environment where people could naturally engage in teamwork was ideal.


BI’s solutions provided different seating arrangements—from varying seating and table heights to an assortment of seating configurations and specially selected materials and textures—to accomplish this goal. The variations offer a place for students to gather for mealtimes as well as a social hub between meals, whether to collaborate on team projects, work heads-down on individual assignments, or simply take time near the on-campus lake.


The design of the new Community Commons seamlessly blends the indoors and outdoors with natural materials, large windows, and an earthy color scheme. Wood finishes were added to the small products, and solid colors of durable laminate were specified for the large round tables. Due to the high-traffic nature of student environments, robust materials and finishes were selected. Textiles were selected using calm, earthy colors, avoiding the typically bright or collegiate finishes associated with student environments. Correct finishes and product durability were of equal importance for the outdoor space. With a dramatic view of the lake, muted finish selections were chosen to avoid competition with Mother Nature.


The overall result was a furniture solution that provides students and guests with a variety of indoor and outdoor engagement opportunities and a finish palette that complements the architecture and the surrounding landscape.