The Most Sustainable Finish in the Industry



The Most Sustainable Finish in the Industry


Introducing DuraFalk’s durable finish with infinite design potential

Falkbuilt’s new proprietary finish, DuraFalk, is the latest game changer from Digital Component Construction; using an energy efficient process in a fraction of the space normally associated with high velocity finishing systems.

DuraFalk is completely free of PVC, HAPs, and solvents and is extremely durable. In fact, the U.S. Military uses a similar process to hermetically seal aerospace components to protect against corrosion.

With a “completely open palette,” DuraFalk is easily custom color matched, says Falkbuilt Finishes Coordinator Dessy Koutzarova: “When clients ask, we listen, and we think that no designer should have limits on their creativity.” From your brand colors to a quirky chartreuse, DuraFalk offers every color under the rainbow … and then some.

As a hermetically sealed, durable, toxin-free finish, DuraFalk provides the perfect solution, especially for healthcare spaces. And with Echo’s industry leading cloud-based platform, DuraFalk integrates seamlessly into Falkbuilt’s design and production process, for endless creativity, production tracking and scheduling visibility from day one.

Everything Under the Rainbow and Beyond

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Fast, Sustainable + Durable

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