Taking Complexity out of Healthcare Construction

July 20, 2022

Taking Complexity out of Healthcare Construction

Digital Component Construction’s innovative solutions + Echo technology respond to challenge

The Healthcare construction industry faces myriad challenges including time for implementation, rising costs and sustainability of the solutions. Then there’s the need for design response, acoustic performance, durability and sanitization.

All of this is made even more cumbersome by a time consuming and haphazard decision making process: especially since the goal is to create something that will stand the test of time and respond to the rapidly evolving medical industry.

Digital Component Construction builds healthcare environments in a fraction the time and cost of conventional construction. That’s why clients are coming to Falkbuilt and our Falkbuilt Factory Direct Branches for solutions across the entire Healthcare spectrum, patient rooms, ICU and isolation rooms to clinics.

As some Healthcare delivery moves away from conventional hospital treatments, clinics are a growing trend. Falkbuilt has worked with clients around the world to create all manner of clinics including dental, chiropractic, psychedelic, oral surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Falkbuilt accomodates any architectural detail, from a tile backsplash, integral flooring cove, welded wall protection and phenolic resin panels.

With Falkbuilt’s propriety technology, Echo, clients meet inside the Revit model to discuss design and make changes.Echo also creates 3D models for the factory, reducing errors and saving time and money.

Digital components are shipped to site and installed quickly, even in occupied spaces, seamlessly accommodating any mechanical, electrical, technical or Healthcare device. Cladding is hermetically sealed in durable, beautiful and easily sanitized Falkskin to meet IPC requirements and stand up to high traffic areas.

Falkbuilt healthcare sabi clinic calgaryFalkbuilt healthcare sabi clinic calgaryFalkbuilt healthcare sabi clinic calgaryFalkbuilt healthcare sabi clinic calgary

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