Legal and Financial

Today’s legal and financial institutions are hard at work in service of their clients, as well as looking for every advantage possible in their competition for new customers. It is often corporate institutions focus on image and work environment as a tool used to attract new prospects. A significant part of the public image is usually found in the aesthetic of the facilities. It is also no secret that employees are attracted by this same philosophy. Business Interiors, Inc.’s vast product offering can creatively accommodate the most discerning tastes in pursuit of that perfect aesthetic to attract new clients, as well as recruit and retain top employees.

Service Industries

It’s easy for Business Interiors, Inc. to understand the Service Industry because we like to think of our own process as a provided service. We know you have a very certain way in which you want your service portrayed to your marketplace. Our job is to understand your process and offer creative solutions that will encourage productivity, facilitate new technology, and enhance the workplace experience.


Properly servicing the education market is one of the greatest challenges any supplier encounters. Creating a durable environment conducive to both interactive and systematic learning approaches takes creativity and thoughtfulness. Incorporating technology seamlessly into the education environment is not an option, it is a necessity. Creating environments that can help administrators recruit, retain, and graduate students is our focus. Business Interiors, Inc. also understands that the classroom is not the only important component of today’s educational environment. Residence and dining halls, sports and recreational facilities, faculty and administrative areas, entertainment venues, and public spaces are of equal significance and require a high level of planning expertise to become successful spaces.


In the ever-changing world of healthcare, we recognize the need for cost-effective and efficient facilities that serve the patient’s needs, satisfy government regulations, and offer productive spaces for today’s healthcare professionals. Do not be misled because the word “Health” doesn’t appear in our name; our “Healthcare” product offering, as well as our expertise in this market, is second to none.


In today’s rapidly paced and highly competitive environment of manufacturing, it is necessary to be able to offer the right product, at the right price, and outstanding service to our clients. Experienced insight from the programming phase of a project, through its successful completion, has gained Business Interiors, Inc. a significant reputation for expertise in providing an innovative and resourceful manufacturing facility that promotes productivity and efficiency.


If you are an employee of the Federal, State, County, or Local government, you probably have access to one of many GSA and/or State purchasing contracts that are in place to provide a multitude of products and services to their members. Business Interiors, Inc. is a designated service provider for both GSA and State of Alabama contracts.


As a component of today’s technology industry, it is probable that the processes that are part of your daily routine are, in fact, not routine at all. You require a different approach to your facility and therefore need a furnishings supplier that can see things from your perspective. Business Interiors, Inc. can provide that insight, without getting in your way.


Is your next project a retirement village?….trendy restaurant?….corporate meeting facility?….or a five-star luxury high rise? If so, Business Interiors, Inc. is prepared to service your furnishings needs. We realize the objectives for every project are different. Business Interiors, Inc. has the knowledge, creativity, and the product offerings to fill your requirements no matter how simple or how complex your project is.