Introducing Our Latest Solution


Introducing Our Latest Solution

Shipping clips for framed glass doors divert a mountain of waste

A veteran Falker was cutting cardboard to put between framed glass doors for shipping to a client when he thought: “There must be a better way!” Our Falker (who is too humble to brag about his brilliant innovation) was adding up the time and materials it was taking and wondered whether a simple clip could separate the doors rather than wrapping them in so much cardboard, plastic and plywood. He took his idea to Falkers in product development.


A few design drafts and 3D printed samples later, we have a shipping clip. Instead of using a forest of cardboard and plywood on top of rolls and rolls of plastic wrap, Falkbuilt ships all framed glass doors—pin hinge, pivot and sliding—with the sturdy clip we conceived and designed in-house.

Canadian-made of 50 per cent recycled PVC, the clip has led to an 80 per cent reduction in shipping materials for glass doors in the factory, and no plastic, cardboard or plywood to deal with on the job site. In fact, installers onsite just send the clips back to the factory to be used again.


Falkbuilt was founded on empowering Falkers, encouraging ideas and inspiring innovation. That’s how we developed Digital Component Construction and our most recent smart solution to help deliver for our clients, the shipping clip.

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