What is “Contract Furniture”?

Contract Furniture is a term used by our industry for products designed, tested, and manufactured to certain quality standards in order to best meet the unique requirements of commercial applications.

Contract Furniture manufacturers submit their products for testing and certification to two main national testing organizations: ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association). There are distinct advantages to purchasing ANSI/BIFMA approved furniture. These national testing organizations provide the end user with assurance that products designed and manufactured to ANSI/BIFMA standards will support safe, healthy and sustainable environments, and are likely to result in greater longevity, increased productivity, and fewer work-related injuries or accidents.

What services does Business Interiors, Inc. provide?

Business Interiors, Inc. is a full service Contract Furniture dealer. Our experienced sales staff will assist you with meeting your furnishings and equipment needs, within your budget, by offering product solutions from one of our 300+ Contract Furnishings manufacturers. Business Interiors, Inc.’s design staff will prepare detailed layout drawings for your new furnishings to identify the exact location in your facility of every item and to insure a perfect fit. Our Project Management teams will oversee your order through the manufacturing process, and coordinate our Certified Installation Team to make your experience as seamless as possible.

Why work with BI instead of ordering from a big-box store?

This question may be best answered by asking a few questions…

Do you know how to spot a product that is under-designed so that it can be offered at a “great” price?

Are the products you are considering the best solution to meet your needs? And the best value?

Will the products you are considering fit efficiently into your space?

Do you know if the products/layout you are considering will meet State and local building codes?

Do you know how to evaluate a product warranty?

Who will manage the selection and specification process? Installation process? Service after the sale?

Our clients who have experienced the intricate process of a furnishings project already know the importance of teaming with a professional staff and trusted manufacturers to guide them through the Q & A’s to a successful furnishings solution. Don’t let inexperience lead your project to a less than desirable result.

Is Business Interiors, Inc. an interior design firm?

While we do employ space designers at each of our five locations, Business Interiors, Inc. is not an “interior design” firm. It’s important to understand the difference. Interior design firms are concerned with the overall aesthetic of a space, including everything within the space. Since Business Interiors, Inc. is focused on the furnishings within a space, we often serve as consultant working hand in hand with interior design and architectural firms to meet the needs of the client.

We also have strong relationships with many talented interior designers, so if your project requirements call for full interior design services, we’ll be happy to put you in touch with one that’s right for you.