Design with Impact


Design with Impact

Everyone talks about how work is changing. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine the workplace. Together with MillerKnoll, let’s work to understand these opportunities within your organization and uncover the purpose of your place.

It’s not just about bringing people together.

It’s about what happens next.

Some quick context

During the disruptions of the past few years, employees stopped thinking about flexibility as a perk. It became an expectation. With new expectations placed on time spent together, workplaces need to help people make the most of that time. The answer is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s time for a new way forward.

Beyond one size fits all

A global survey of desk-based workers shows that they expect flexibility in where (81%) and when (93%) they work. When they get it, they feel more focused and productive. Yet the vast majority (85%) want the option to come to a physical workplace.*

More than a destination

Employees recognize the benefits of being together. To maximize those benefits—for employees and their organization—their workplace needs to provide spaces optimized for what they want to do there. This ranges from spaces to collaborate, meet, socialize, and receive mentorship, to quiet spots for heads-down focus.

A new way forward

What if we refocused the workplace on what people need for the ways we work today? Extensive research by MillerKnoll and countless conversations with clients evolved into a new framework to help organizations uncover the purpose of their place. MillerKnoll calls it Design with Impact.


Across organizations, MillerKnoll has
identified three opportunities for impact:


A business can only thrive when its employees are thriving. Strategically designed workplaces support employee wellbeing by improving physical, psychological, and social experiences.


Well-designed workplaces are prepared to host the types of rich, interpersonal connections between colleagues—both in-person and remote—that add up to a shared sense of purpose.


Change is essential to organizational success, yet the uncertainty that comes with constant change can feel unsettling. Flexible work environments can help people get comfortable with change.


Uncover the purpose of your place

As a MillerKnoll dealer, our approach addresses the human needs of employees to improve their wellbeing, fosters a sense of community and connection, and helps organizations navigate, prepare, and design for change.

Why wellbeing is important

More employers today recognize their role in supporting their people’s physical and mental health.

That is a good thing. But acknowledging the need for action is just the first step.

The physical workplace can do more to enhance wellbeing in all its facets. This starts with providing: proper ergonomic furnishings and tools that provide physical support and comfort; a variety of spaces that provide individuals with choice in how and where their work gets done; and spaces for rejuvenation and respite.

Supporting wellbeing is the right thing to do. It’s also intertwined with business success. A business can only thrive when its employees are thriving.



Why connection is important

In the past, organizations viewed the workplace as a place of production. It was where people went to get work done.

But the last few years proved that employees could stay productive while working from home. As a result, workplaces faced an identity crisis.

Now a clear, new role is emerging.

When asked why they might come to the office, 74% of people surveyed cited camaraderie, community, or connection as their top reason.*

Today’s workplace needs to be ready to host rich, interpersonal connections between colleagues—both in-person and remote.


Why change is important

Despite being a natural and necessary part of life, change can feel uncomfortable.

You can’t resist change, but you can learn to navigate it. Better yet, you can empower your people to embrace it.

We help organizations embrace change by giving people control over their environment, allowing them to tweak it to meet their needs by the minute, the hour, or the day.

Planning for change at all three levels helps build resiliency and optimize your workplace investment. This quells concerns and, more importantly, communicates to employees that their organization is ready to support their ever-changing work.

* Source: February 2023 Future Forum Pulse


3-point recap


Meeting employee expectations for flexibility can complicate efforts to nurture their ties to one another and their organization.


Wellbeing, connection, and change are the three ways the workplace can address the most pressing needs of today’s organizations.


Design with Impact is our framework to help you focus on these needs, with strategies and tools to uncover the purpose of your place.

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