Ambit Workspace Solutions


Ambit Workspace Solutions

Ambit is a comprehensive offering of accessories designed to support the sit-to-stand working environment, offering solutions to elevate your workspace.

Elevate your workspace

Ambit offers consistent aesthetic solutions you can use across the office floorplate. From screens and storage to cable management, optimize your workday experience with Ambit.

Visual harmony

Cohesive in style and texture, every element of Ambit is designed to enhance existing Herman Miller height-adjustable table products. Screens, shrouds, and vertical cable management work together purposefully to create a unified workspace solution with dimension and functionality.

Personalize and privatize

Screen and shroud attachments with multiple configurations create a more private workspace to remain focused and productive in, whether sitting or standing. Ambit components have a broad selection of material choices that allow you to make the space your own and create homes for personal items.

Intelligent storage tailored to you

Ambit offers multiple storage options without sacrificing organization for flexibility. Suspended storage options create easy access to personal items with a fluid motion, while pedestal storage options nest into the shroud to create a cleaner workspace and more legroom.



Meet the Ambit product offering



Ambit Screen

Ambit Screens give you the privacy you need to focus in open office environments. Choose from a selection of materials and colors to create a beautiful look that complements a variety of styles and spaces.

Ambit Shroud

Ambit Shrouds deliver a modesty layer with a complete and tailored aesthetic. Complementing any workspace, Ambit Shrouds are available in metal, veneer, or laminate material. Features an optional toolbar for personal items.

Ambit Storage

Organize and work the way you want to with Ambit Storage. Ambit workspace storage solutions supports hybrid workstyles and spaces and is designed for small or transient personal items.

Ambit Vertical Cable Management

Secure your cords and keep your sanity. Ambit Vertical Cable Management keeps power and data cords concealed, tidy, and off the floor so you can continue to work safely and efficiently.

Ambit Cork Tray

The Ambit Cork Tray brings order to your desk by organizing essential items and other odds and ends. Add on to one of our sit-to-stand desk solutions and save valuable desktop real estate to help keep you productive.

Your complete solution

Ambit easily integrates into Herman Miller’s existing portfolio of height-adjustable table products, offering consistent aesthetic solutions you can use to create optimal sit-to-stand workspaces.

Herman Miller

Motia Sit-to-Stand Tables

Motia Sit-to-Stand Tables

Herman Miller

Renew Sit-to-Stand Tables

Renew Sit-to-Stand Tables

Herman Miller

Nevi Sit-to-Stand Tables

Nevi Sit-to Stand Tables

Plan your workspace

Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss how Ambit can help you elevate your workspace! You can also instantly download the Ambit product brochure in the link below.


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